Zippyz Pajamas - Teal Arrows
Zippyz Pajamas - Teal Arrows

Zippyz Pajamas - Teal Arrows



Zippyz are patented, functional footed pajamas. With a zipper from the foot to belly area and 3 snaps on top, Zippyz allow for a quick and easy diaper change without exposing baby's chest area. No more miss-snapping, no more full body zippers that leave baby cold and exposed. Plus, Zippyz cut down the time of a diaper change by over 50% leaving more time for cuddles and hugs.


"These are great! I ordered one pair for our new son and I wish all of his jammies were like this. So easy for night time changes. We use sleep sacks too so these are great because you don't have to unzip the whole sack or fumble around to undo the jammies. Great for keeping the baby as dressed as possible during changes so they don't get too cold. I just ordered a second pair." - Bethany A.


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